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Our Services

Pick and Pack

We offer expert picking and packing of your products with high quality materials, handling your products with care.


We ship your products anywhere in the world, with the majority of orders shipping within 24 hours of receiving your orders (delivery confirmation and tracking system services are available). We are highly familiar with both domestic and international shipping protocol and offer dedicated reporting services to notify you of orders and shipments.


Until orders come in, we have the capacity to store thousands of products in our spacious, secure and organized warehouse.

Inventory Management

As part of the management process, we receive and count all incoming products, add them to the customer’s inventory and deduct them when orders are shipped. As our inventory management customer, you can receive a report of what items come in, what items have been shipped and what items are remaining in order to keep track of what needs to be replenished.


Kitting is a fundamental aspect of product fulfillment, and Fulfill Your Products does it right. We consistently kit presentation packets and combo packages according to your specifications.

Manage Orders

For those who choose to authorize it, Fulfill Your Products can become an administrator on your order notification system. With this service, your products can be packed and shipped even more quickly. We are thoroughly family with the Infusionsoft CRM system.

"Before eventually moving our business to Fulfill Your Products in 2009 we had gone through 4 different fulfillment houses that all started off great (to get out business)  but quickly deteriorated to where communication and timeliness of getting our stuff out the door started to suffer.
I seriously came within inches of moving back to filling our order in house when, on the recommendation of a good friend I decided to move some of our products to the team at Fulfill Your Products and for me there’s no looking back…
The speed of communication, efficiency in fulfillment and detailed reporting they provide is simple amazing…
Today more than 3 years later Lisa and the team at Fulfill Your Products are nothing short of an invaluable secret weapon for us and I can’t imagine running my business without them…”

Alex Sampson Founder Bass Guitar Tips

“Lisa and Fulfill Your Products has been an integral part in liberating me from the day-to-day tasks of the business. Since 2004, I’ve relied on her shipping and fulfillment expertise to ensure timely delivery of products, save us money, and manage our inventory to minimize backorders. The service has always been excellent and her reporting is very detailed. Since moving to Infusionsoft and incorporating direct mail, Fulfill Your Products stepped up and learned to use the system almost immediately. In addition to sending products, they know send our catalogs, follow-up letters, cards, gifts, and other promotions. With a full-service in-house printing department, this is truly a one-stop shop for any offline mailing or printing needs.

Thank you Lisa and FYP!”

Jermaine Griggs Founder and CEO of Hear and Play Music

Jermaine Griggs
Founder and CEO of Hear and Play Music

“Working with Lisa from Fulfill Your Products has been a pleasure, she was always very accommodating for our special needs – acting almost as a business partner rather than a service provider.  She cared about our business, and gave me extremely valuable business advice about inventory management, liability, and other priceless tips.  I recommend her to anyone who wants more than simply a company to pack and ship – but also a strategic partner and friend!”

Michael MicheliniFounder/CEO of NEWYORKBARSTORE.COM